Whitepaper: Security for sensitive data in the health sector with Francotyp-Postalia


Berlin, 27 November 2018 – Whether patient admission, medical records or administration - digitisation can significantly reduce costs in the healthcare sector. According to a recently published study¹ by management consultants McKinsey, up to 34 billion euros could be saved each year in the German healthcare system through the use of digital technologies - around 9 percent of the total annual healthcare expenditure. The largest share of the savings potential, 9 billion euros, is accounted for by the electronic patient file. According to the study, doctors and hospitals benefit the most from digitisation, with around 70 percent of the savings – and not the health insurance companies, as is often assumed.

Challenges of digitisation in healthcare

When digitising hospital processes, numerous guidelines must be observed, such as the German law for secure digital communication and applications in healthcare (E-Health Law). A particular challenge for hospitals is therefore to manage, transmit and archive sensitive data in a legally compliant and audit-proof manner. FP, an expert for secure mail business and secure digital communication processes, offers a comprehensive range of products for securing electronic documents and for legally secure communication.

From patient admission to medical record: Playing it safe with FP

With its signature products AutoSigner, OfficeSigner and FP Sign as well as its own long-term archiving solution HashSafe, FP supports hospitals in many areas with an efficient digitisation process. For example, the admission of a patient often results in more than 25 pages of paper, and the retention periods for patient files are up to 30 years - resulting in overcrowded hospital archives. With the help of the signature solutions OfficeSigner, AutoSigner or FP Sign, hospital employees can easily sign the print documents of the patient admission after scanning in a legally compliant manner and then archive them digitally. The patient retains the original print documents. 

FP Sign is also suitable for the electronic exchange of confidential documents. For example, the medical record can be sent securely and encrypted to the family doctor with FP Sign. This saves time-consuming mailing. HashSafe is also the ideal solution for secure long-term archiving with signature retention: Before signatures that are only valid for a certain period expire, HashSafe recalculates all necessary hash values and secures them with a single, newly validated time stamp for each archive year.

Latest whitepaper shows application possibilities

"Digitalisation in the healthcare sector offers hospitals in particular many advantages. It ensures their profitability and sustainability, leads to more efficient administration and leaves more time for the patient. For us, it opens up the opportunity to open up new markets and thus broaden our position. The development of new solutions such as FP Sign is part of our growth strategy. With it, we are increasingly making the Group and product portfolios more digital," says Rüdiger Andreas Günther, CEO and CFO of Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG.

In their latest white paper "Digital Signatures in Hospitals", FP presents further application examples of the signature solutions and shows how these can help to make the digitisation of hospital processes efficient, economical and legally compliant.

The whitepaper can be downloaded free of charge at https://www.fp-francotyp.com/whitepaper-digitale-unterschriften-im-klinikalltag (in German).   

¹Study by management consultants McKinsey (in German): https://www.mckinsey.de/news/presse/2018-09-27-digitalisierung-im-gesundheitswesen 

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