Home office, reducing social contact, digitalisation of processes: FP offers solutions for changing working environments  

Thanks to intelligent products and services, the office and business operations of small and medium-sized companies and the self-employed can be ensured, especially during the Corona outbreak, by working with as little contact as possible


Berlin, 23 March 2020 -Throughout their almost 100-year history, the Berlin experts for secure mailing business and secure digital communication processes have been confronted with several crisis situations. Therefore, they have many years of experience in changing working environments, both in the analogue and digital sectors. Today, numerous solutions for contactless process chains ensure smooth processes and offer significant simplifications in the process chains.

Using legally binding digital signatures

FP Sign offers a fast and legally compliant solution for digital signatures. Not only for contracts or offers but also for release processes, approvals in internal processes and all kinds of other documents - especially when employees are working from their home office. Business processes in which signatures must be provided in simple or even complex workflows are thus made faster and easier. During these times, FP offers industries such as healthcare, utilities and associations free use of the simple browser solution until the end of 2020. Find out more at: fp-sign.com. (FP contact: Stephan Vanberg, Telephone: +49 (0) 5063 - 277 44 0)

Collect and consolidate business mail without the need for contact

FP has its own collection service for letter mail, which is currently also contact-free, as well as a franking service and same-day delivery to Deutsche Post AG. This ensures that all letters reach their recipients quickly and safely, and that customers benefit from favourable discounts.

If an emergency should arise, FP customers can also take advantage of so-called "emergency franking" or use the P.O. box service which is also available: FP delivers all incoming mail from the customer mailbox directly to the office. Business mail can also be stored without any problems.

To slow down the spread of the virus and still maintain communication via letter mail, FP can also scan incoming mail from the mailbox and make it available to customers digitally. Find out more at freesort.de. (FP contact: Lars Tisken, Telephone: (02173) 3347 703)

Digitalising letter mail, outsourcing printing jobs

Business communication and letter mail can be digitalised easily, quickly and securely. FP handles both the input processing and the complete output processing.

This includes the automated processing of daily data volumes via RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to maintain the processing of orders, incoming invoices and other standardised documents. FP also handles email and messaging processing together with the subsequent preparation for further processing in ERP systems.

If you do need to print on paper, TransACTMail allows you to outsource the printing process: it can be used immediately from your home office without any fees/subscription. It is cheaper than normal postage including printing and processing. TransACTMail is also perfectly suited for group mailings from various decentralised departments. FP digitalises paper mail directly from the mailbox and forwards it to the correct recipients. Find out more at: internet-access.de (FP contact: Michael Steinberg, Tel: +49 30 364440-0)

Use services for your own mailroom and Internet telephony

FP franking systems carry out the job in the mailroom almost entirely on their own and postage is loaded via the Internet. People are generally not involved in this process.

The latest flagship of FP's franking system fleet, "PostBase Vision", is controlled and evaluated via the cloud solution "discoverFP.com". No matter where you are. Using an easy-to-use web dashboard, invoices and account details can be viewed or postage rates checked. You can also check the fill levels and reorder franking ink. This one-stop platform combines the various products and services for customers in one online portal. Consumables for all FP franking systems can be reordered online via the shop https://shop.francotyp.de.

With "WebBrief24", companies can send their business mail conveniently and cheaply without a printer, stamp or letterbox. Mail delivery is handled by DPAG.

The FP telephone system enables you to replace old ISDN telephone technology and save costs. The cloud-based telephone system offers all the functions of a modern high-end system and adapts flexibly to any size of company. Using the numerous call management functions, all extensions can be organised and efficiently connected with each other. Of course, this also applies to work in the home office. Find out more at: francotyp.de. (FP contact: Stefan Huth, Telephone: +49 (0) 800 3 72 62 68)

Secure digital communication in the Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT)

In the Industrial Internet of Things, machines already communicate with machines anyway, such infrastructures are immune to the corona virus. However, people still personally control and maintain many systems on site - and this should work better in the future in a decentralised manner.

The FP Secure Gateways can be installed in almost any system that does not need to be monitored personally on site, but via the cloud. With the FP InovoLabs starter kit, flexible and secure remote control from a single source is also available for newcomers to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

With FP Gateway technology and cryptography, decentralised control and monitoring of even older machines is possible using cloud computing. This is used by infrastructure providers such as energy suppliers, power plant operators or public utilities, but also companies in the real estate, food and factory automation sectors. FP finds a virus-free solution for every project. Find out more at: fp-secureiot.com. (FP contact: Graduate engineer Stefan Körte, Telephone: +49 (0)30 220 660 -771).

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The listed and globally operating FP Group with headquarters in Berlin, Germany, is an expert in the secure mailing business and secure digital communication processes (FP = "Secure Digital Communication"). As market leader in Germany and Austria, the FP Group offers digital solutions for companies and public authorities as well as products and services for efficient mail processing and consolidation of business mail with its "Software/Digital", "Franking and Folding/Inserting" and "Mail Services" product segments. The Group achieved generated revenues of more than 200 million euros in 2018. FP has subsidiaries in ten different countries and is represented by its own distributor network in a further 40 countries. With a company history spanning more than 97 years, FP possesses a unique DNA in the areas of actuating elements, sensor systems, cryptography and connectivity. FP has a global market share of twelve percent in franking systems and, in the digital sector, has unique, highly secure solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT)) and for the digital signing of documents.

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