Students want to go digital

Administrative processes at universities and higher education institutes should be digitalised – the majority of students are in favour, according to a recent forsa survey commissioned by Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG (FP).

Berlin, 09. December 2019 – During the course of their studies, students are faced with a multitude of official processes. Obtaining signatures from lecturers or professors, submitting applications for BAföG [financial support for low-income students] or putting together documentation for a semester abroad are just a few examples. Completing these tasks online saves time and hassle. A representative student survey on “Acceptance of digital processes for simplifying administrative processes at universities”, which was carried out in November by forsa Politik- und Sozialforschung GmbH on behalf of FP, produced clear results.

The majority of students are pro digitalisation

The desire for digitalisation of certain administrative processes at universities and institutes of higher education is widespread among students. 91 per cent of those surveyed consider it important or very important to be able to put together documents for enrolment or a semester abroad / placement semester online. Obtaining signatures from lecturers and professors for performance and attendance records over the internet or having certificates authorised digitally is clearly popular among three quarters of students (75 per cent).

In addition, 86 per cent consider it important or very important to be able to communicate with official departments online, for example to apply for BAföG or rent subsidies. Almost all those surveyed see the effect of digitalising administrative processes at universities and institutes of higher education as positive. The overwhelming majority of students (94 per cent) believe that it makes dealing with study-related organisational tasks quicker and simpler.

To be able to use digitalised processes securely, students have to prove their identity using their German ID card’s online function. According to the survey this is largely accepted among students. Almost three quarters (73 per cent) would be prepared to activate their ID card’s online function. Almost two thirds of students (62 per cent) can envisage using an app on their smartphone linked with the online ID function.

Send documents securely with the StudIES+ platform

The technology needed to digitalise administrative processes at universities already exists. FP, the secure communication experts, have developed a platform together with the Freie Universität Berlin, Harz University of Applied Sciences, Bundesdruckerei GmbH and SiXFORM GmbH, as part of the EU-funded joint project, “StudIES+”. The StudIES+ platform is based on the European eIDAS Regulation for Electronic Identities (eID) and Signatures (eSignature).

Starting next year, students can use the StudIES+ platform, together with their ID card’s online function, to exchange digitally signed documents with universities, authorities or companies quickly, securely and easily over the internet. The digital signature solution FP Sign used on the platform provides security. By integrating the German Federal Printing Office’s remote signature function sign-me, the software solution meets the requirements for the highest and most secure electronic signature level. Sending documents securely with the StudIES+ platform simplifies uni life and leaves more time for what really matters – studying.

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