Birkenwerder, 2014-07-02

Mentana-Claimsoft, a subsidiary of market-listed Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG, is the first company in Germany to achieve TR-RESISCAN certification. The certificate awarded by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) eases digital document management and increases the legal certainty of scanned documents. TR-RESISCAN is not certification of any particular product or provider, but rather the process in use.

The BSI technical guideline provides action guidelines on legally compliant document scanning and retention to users in the judiciary, administration, healthcare and business sectors. Numerous companies use paper-based archives for meeting statutory obligations on documentation. A compulsory ten-year retention period applies to contracts, for example, entailing elaborate and expensive storage. A BSI certificate solves the problem: once a process is TR-RESISCAN certified, users can scan previously archived documents and then destroy the paper without impairing the documents' evidential value.

In-house IT expertise at Mentana-Claimsoft was one major advantage for being awarded a BSI certificate. "In concert with our consulting team, we produced the corresponding documentation ourselves. Likewise, the software components used for a qualified scan signature and TR-ESOR-compliant archiving are our own products", explains Hans Szymanski, CEO & CFO of Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG. "Certification simplifies document management for the user and assigns the same evidential value to scanned documents in court as the original document", says Szymanski. Preparations for the certification process lasted half a year, with another ten days for the following audit.

The certificate awarded to Mentana-Claimsoft confirms the expert status of its IT specialists and software solutions. The company based in Bad Salzdetfurth and Fürstenwalde near Berlin assists with certification of scanning service providers and scanning procedures inside businesses, government agencies, and healthcare companies. "Our subsidiary is in the vanguard not only with De-Mail, but with secure digital processes as well. Mentana-Claimsoft advises, supports and assists customers all the way through the certification process, which makes the company unique in Germany", concludes Szymanski.