Birkenwerder, 2013-10-07
  • Francotyp-Postalia expands cooperation with specialist trade
  • Specialist traders can expand their product portfolio
  • Customer-friendly entry into the document workflow

The Francotyp-Postalia Group (FP), multi-channel provider for mail communication, is expanding its sales strategy and will in future offer its products and solutions – from the traditional franking machine to the De-Mail gateway – via established regional specialist traders. In this way, FP will show more local presence, strengthen its market position and not least promote the acceptance of digital mail communication, such as De-Mail, on the market.

FP, a listed company with a long history based in Birkenwerder, near Berlin, is turning to both traditional office suppliers and IT system providers. They will augment FP's existing network of trading partners, who primarily operate in the franking and inserting machine segment.

Partners in printing and copying

"In traditional office supply, we want to address specialists in printing and copying solutions," says Hans Szymanski, CEO of Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG. "The specialist traders can supplement their portfolio with our franking and inserting machines and thus support their customers throughout the entire processing chain: from printing a letter, inserting and franking to the handover to the delivery service." The FP products link up directly with the specialists' existing business; the target customer market is the same. FP's franking and inserting machines are stable in price and promise strong after-sales business from services and the sale of consumables.

In addition, FP is offering specialist traders the opportunity to sell its software solutions and services. "We are offering this option to both traditional office suppliers and IT system providers that chiefly sell services related to data traffic, infrastructure, system administration and simply software," explains Thomas Grethe, CSO of Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG. "In this way, we are giving specialist traders the chance to enter their customers' document workflow at both the analogue and digital level." FP's software solutions include De-Mail, a secure and fast alternative to e-mail and letters: For the first time, De-Mail allows the legally compliant transmission of numerous documents that previously had to be sent by letter. But FP also offers print outsourcing: The document is sent digitally and then printed, franked, inserted and handed over to the delivery service by FP.

By working with Francotyp-Postalia, both office suppliers and IT system providers can considerably expand their range of services. "There is great potential here," says Grethe. "We support our specialist traders on their way to becoming expert advisors with a coherent overall portfolio who not only provide individual devices but also develop comprehensive solutions."

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