IoT in energy sector: FP enters into strategic partnership with Lackmann

- Use of customised FP Gateways in energy management

- First few projects already implemented

Berlin, 28 January 2019 - Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG (FP), the expert in secure mail business and secure digital communication processes and Heinz Lackmann GmbH & Co. KG (, an established provider of systems and solutions for the entire energy market have entered into a strategic partnership. The jointly developed solutions offer energy supply companies great advantages in terms of cost and efficiency through the intelligent remote monitoring of energy systems.

The two companies have already previously worked together on a project basis. The collaboration will now be continued as part of a long-term partnership. Lackmann gains access to the innovative FP Tixi Gateways and flexible support from adjustments and services, while FP increases its market presence and further expands its IoT business.

In energy management projects, using IoT the gateways typically record energy system data and transfer it online to a control centre. From there, the orders for the regulation of power generation and distribution plants are also transmitted to them online. Malfunctions or outages and complicated manual measures on-site can also be reduced.

FP Tixi Gateways read data from a wide range of machines, devices and controllers and can be flexibly and quickly adjusted to the requirements of different customers and projects.

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