IoT gateways of unlimited possibilities

Minimal installation and setup costs, high compatibility and a modular, scalable safety concept. These are the main arguments of the IoT gateways from Francotyp-Postalia (FP).

Berlin, 13. November 2019 – Modern machines, which are also integrated into existing industrial plants, usually have an IT connection. This enables them to forward data to an interface, such as a control centre.

Complex infrastructures or production chains often grow over decades and represent a multi-generation building in terms of technology being used. The central monitoring of industrial plants, which makes them more reliable and efficient, requires the monitoring of all machines, including the older ones.

With its numerous interfaces, the IoT gateway from FP, the secure communication experts, also connects older machines to the IT. Moreover, further modules such as measuring devices, small controllers or energy meters can be easily connected. This extends the service life of the equipment. In addition, the investment costs for modernisation are much lower than if new, modern equipment were to be purchased. The IoT gateways are real all-rounders in the field of factory automation and create new business fields, such as smart waste containers.

Smart waste compactors signal when it's time for waste collection

No more thought is given to something the moment it is thrown away. The nicer is it when waste containers are equipped with a fully automatic waste compactor, like those of an FP customer. This means that they have to be emptied less frequently and the logistical costs are reduced. In addition, the container uses scanners to detect whether it contains materials such as wood or metal, and then regulates the compression pressure and speed to optimally compress the waste and reduce machine wear.

With the FP IoT gateway, all garbage containers send their data directly to the manufacturer. They can then use cloud monitoring to check whether the systems are functioning properly. Furthermore, the containers report their filling level before a critical level is reached. The software in the cloud combines the status of the plants and automatically coordinates the most efficient disposal plan.

A refrigeration system that keeps the cheese cool

The food industry is subject to strict quality assurance guidelines. This is why one cheese producer has chosen to monitor their production with FP IoT gateways. They are installed at the controls which sound the alarm when the set temperature limits are exceeded or when there are large fluctuations. The current temperature level can be centrally monitored and controlled by the IoT gateways, reducing production losses to a minimum. If necessary, the cheese producer can also demonstrate compliance with the temperature limits.

Keeping oil filters clean

Oil filters in cars should be replaced regularly. Wind turbines also have oil filters, albeit much larger ones. Service technicians start up the systems according to the maintenance cycle and replace the filters. This is not efficient, as the changing wind conditions make it impossible to accurately predict how active the turbines will be. Often the filters are still in working order and if a problem occurs, it is not necessarily noticed until the next inspection. The oil filter of one FP customer therefore records the pressure curve, temperature and turbidity of the oil in order to determine the condition and remaining life expectancy of the filter. All oil filters in operation send their data via the IoT gateways to the monitoring system, where the data is processed and visualised. Individual and efficient service plans are created on the basis of this information. And oil is also saved.

Reliable partner for energy management

Speaking of wind turbines: The FP IoT gateways can not only automate, but also manage energy. In the wake of the energy revolution, more and more solar plants, wind turbines and combined heat and power plants are being built. There are also charging stations and stationary energy storage units. The gateway can easily connect, monitor and control small alternative power generators. For example, if there is a storm on a sunny day, wind turbines and solar panels produce more electricity than needed. If production exceeds the capacity, certain plants must be disconnected temporarily from the grid. This is done fully automatically. However, switching it on again often requires manual intervention with a corresponding start-up. With the IoT gateways, both steps can be performed directly from the energy management centre. In addition to the "on" and "off" options, they also offer a scaling of the operating power.

IoT gateways from FP can do much more than that

Thanks to their versatility, FP IoT gateways can be used almost everywhere. They always stand for reliability, high security standards and flexibility. FP will be exhibiting its high-performance modules at this year's SPS trade fair in Nuremberg from 26 to 28 November. Interested parties can find out more about the IoT gateways and the possibilities they offer for their business.

More information about IoT can be found here.

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