Industry awards give customers a sense of orientation - FP receives prestigious seals of quality

Customer benefits are always an important factor: Francotyp-Postalia (FP), the expert for secure communication, wins many awards in 2019 that give its customers an important sense of orientation and guarantee of quality. 

Berlin, 12/12/2019 - Seals of quality are an important currency in the trade and service sector. They serve as a valuable guide for customers and strengthen confidence in the companies that win them. This is shown by the current study "Cloud Security 2019"¹: The majority (91 percent) of companies in Germany consider certifications and seals when it comes to finding the perfect partner for cloud security.

In 2019, Francotyp-Postalia (FP), an expert in secure communications, received various industry-relevant seals of quality and certificates in various areas such as design, customer service and communication products. The recent awards encourage FP to continue along the path it has chosen and to optimise the services it offers.

Design sells! Red Dot Award for FP Secure Gateway

Technology with an attractive visual appearance often has the upper hand. According to the "State of Create 2016"² study, 61 percent of Germans surveyed chose the more beautiful design, when choosing between two equivalent devices. Successful design also pays off in the long term: 58 per cent stated that a harmonious layout promoted their loyalty to a brand.

In 2019, over 5,500 designers and companies from 55 countries entered the Red Dot Award for the coveted "Product Design" seal. Among the winners: the FP Secure Gateway. The hardware security module uses professional encryption to protect the data transfer of industrial equipment and devices connected to each other via a cloud service.

Further information on the FP Secure Gateway is available at

Digital innovation: Mittelstandspreis der Medien 2019

FP received the award in the "Digital Innovation" category at the German Mittelstandspreis der Medien (SME Media Prize) in 2019. According to the jury, FP impressively demonstrates how companies can be successful with digital transformation. FP is the developer of a wide range of cryptographic solutions for high-security transmission of digital data in the industrial sector, with the company’s innovative products including the e-signature solution “FP Sign” and the FP Secure Gateways for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).  

Outstanding design quality: German Design Award 2020

At the renowned German Design Award 2020, FP once again demonstrated its genuine expertise in design. The award went to innovative products and projects that are groundbreaking in the German and international design landscape. Among the winners of the "Excellent Communications Design" category was : FP with the 2017 business report "Heroes write myths, myths become brands". FP was chosen as the winner in the "Editorial" subcategory. The award ceremony will take place in February 2020 in Frankfurt am Main.

Ranking: The "100 Office Products of the Year 2019"

In March, the trade journal "Das Büro" selected the top 100 office products of 2019 across all sectors in order to offer customers better guidance in this broadly diversified sector. Among the awardees: the PostBase 100 franking system from FP. With the PC application PostBase Navigator, the franking machine can be set up, maintained and used from the computer.

Seal of approval "Excellent customer service"

Since February 2019, the "Excellent Customer Advisory Service" study has carried the seal of the same name. The survey was carried out on behalf of Focus Money and Deutschland Test by the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research, scientifically accompanied by the International School of Management (ISM). With a full score, FP was the test winner in the field of "tool and device manufacturing".

Seal of approval "Germany's innovation leader"

Which company files the most patents - and how relevant are they? The F.A.Z.-Institut, a subsidiary of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, answered this question and handed out the seal "Germany's innovation leader" in February 2019. For the award study, the opinion research institute Prognos analysed the patent applications of 33,000 companies operating in Germany on behalf of the F.A.Z.-Institut. The result: Now FP also bears the renowned seal.

Seal of approval for "Germany's most coveted employer"

Following the study on "Germany's innovation leaders", the F.A.Z.-Institut addressed the question of the most coveted employers in the country. In August 2019, the opinion research institute looked at the 10,000 largest German companies from over 150 industries on the strength of their reputation as employers, economic efficiency, management, products and services as well as sustainability. The result: FP was able to qualify as one of the most coveted employers in Germany and may in future bear the seal.

Awards for sustainability report: Spotlight and Inspire Awards 2019

In the "Global Communications Competition" at the Spotlight Awards, LACP selected the best communication products from over 500 submissions. This year's competition consisted of an exceptionally broad spectrum of industries and company sizes from almost a dozen different countries. Here, LACP awarded prizes to Special Achievement winners: FP took tenth place in the "Top 100 Corporate Publications" ranking and also won the "Best In-House" award for its sustainability report "ACT SUSTAINABLY - Visions and values in accordance". The report was also well received in the "Corporate Publishing Competition" of the LAPC Inspire Awards and received the highest award - the Platinum Award.

Design awards for business reports

How does a company present itself? How well-structured, concise and therefore clearly understandable do their business reports read? Various awards address this important topic and ever year select successful business reports in order to show customers a way through the thicket of reports. The ARC Awards have been presented since 1987. The jury consists of international, independent jurors, including experts such as designers, copywriters and IR specialists.

In 2019, the FP business report "Dynamic - Security - IoT" was awarded the bronze medal in five categories at the ARC Awards. In addition, the FOX FINANCE Awards 2018 awarded the FP business report 2017 "Silver" for efficient reporting. In addition, the jury of the International Corporate Media Award (ICMA) awarded the publication the Award of Excellence in the category "Typography/Layout".

¹Cloud Security Study 2019 by IDG Research Services in cooperation with genua

²„State of Create: 2016" Study by Adobe

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