The FP Group subsidiary IAB is renamed 

IAB Internet Access GmbH, a subsidiary of the Francotyp-Postalia Group, is adapting its name to the changed market situation

Berlin, 02 April 2020 - As of 2 April 2020, the company name under which IAB - Internet Access GmbH will appear in future will change to "IAB Communications GmbH" with the addition "Intelligent Automated Business". A logo change is not planned.

Reasons for the change of name

"In the course of the change in communication, we have geared ourselves to digitally optimise complete communication processes or sub-areas," explains Michael Steinberg, Managing Director of IAB Communications GmbH, "thus we have continuously and vertically expanded our previous portfolio, which used to focus exclusively on the development of the cheapest ways of sending physical letter documents.”

As a partner and service provider, IAB optimises the overall communication process together with its customers. For this purpose, the latest technologies and communication channels are used, such as AI (artificial intelligence) or RPA (robotic process automation), which offer great potential for savings in the processing of data from the areas of incoming mail or mail preparation. Therefore the old name "Internet Access" has become obsolete. IAB now stands for "Intelligent Automated Business" in order to take account of this long-standing mission.

Future-proof through better technologies

For a long time now, IAB has no longer been concerned only with the cheapest postage for a letter or the cheapest type of paper, but offers a wide range of proven and future-proof technologies depending on customer requirements.

The mass scanning of letters and conversion into digital formats is still in great demand. This can be extended with intelligent messenger and social media solutions that can be integrated into new workflow systems. Together with AI and RPA, this results in effective, contemporary communication solutions that also significantly simplify the work of individual users.

"As a long-standing service provider and partner, we support our customers with experience and know-how: We analyse their customer communication lifecycle and advise them on their way through change," Michael Steinberg continues, explaining the business model. "This is why IAB has set itself the task of using all facets of modern communication with its new orientation in order to design optimum communication processes for small and medium-sized enterprises".

IAB's services include all services related to business communication and its communication channels. The focus is on the provision of solutions for B2B communication in medium-sized companies and this should also be reflected in the new name.

Company contact:
Michael Steinberg
IAB Communications GmbH
Intelligent Automated Business
Barbara-McClintock-Strasse 11
12489 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 364440-0
Fax: +49 30 364440-333

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