Birkenwerder, 2010-03-29

 Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG, a worldwide provider of mail processing services, has decided to suspend its short-time work arrangements at its main site at Birkenwerder until the end of June. This is due to the current good state of order books. The Company introduced short-time work for its employees at Birkenwerder as part of a site continuation agreement in August 2009. The main elements of the agreement are that both employees and members of the Management Board forego a significant part of pay and compensation, while employees are guaranteed their jobs for a period of 24 months.

Thanks to the joint efforts of over 1,000 employees worldwide and the Management Board, the Company has managed to safeguard its markets despite the difficult economy. "We are pleased that we and our employees are overcoming these challenging times well," commented Hans Szymanski, CFO of the FP Group. One outcome of the joint efforts being made can be seen in the positive development of the Company's results for the past year.