Birkenwerder, 2011-08-23

Francotyp-Postalia GmbH, a subsidiary of Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG, yesterday signed a seven-year contract with Hewlett-Packard. Kathy Tobin, Vice President and General Manager at HP Specialty Printing Systems, travelled from Corvallis, Oregon (USA) to Birkenwerder for the occasion.

The long-term agreement will cement the business relationship between the two companies. Hewlett-Packard and the FP Group have been working together for many years already. Up to now, HP’s printing technology with the certified ink has been used in the mymail and ultimail ranges. In future, it will also be deployed in the new Phoenix franking system. “This contract takes our partnership with Hewlett-Packard to a new level. In this way, we are making sure that HP’s high-quality printing technology will be available in our machines in future as well”, explains Hans Szymanski, Chairman of the Management Board of the FP Group.

Kathy Tobin is also extremely pleased about the conclusion of the contract: “Our long-term partnership with Francotyp-Postalia is built on trust and good cooperation. This contract emphasises our outstanding business relationship.”