Birkenwerder, 2010-02-11

he Francotyp-Postalia Group, a worldwide service provider for professional mail processing, presents its full range of products and services at CeBIT from 2nd to 6th March 2010. Focus this year is on the online letter, also known as hybrid mail. Using this solution, a letter is posted simply by mouse click. Francotyp-Postalia is offering two solutions in this area which are on show in Hall 3, Stand D08.

FP webmail - Sending a Letter by Mouse Click

FP webmail is both simple to use and fast – and that is true for even a single letter. Once the software has been downloaded, the user has access to a virtual printer. That means the letter is no longer printed out locally, but sent via Internet to the FP printing center. Here, the letter is completed: printout, franking, inserting, followed by stamping with optimised charge and transfer to the delivery service. This service is equally suited to private individuals and commercial users. Visitors to CeBIT can see at first hand just how easy mail is in the 21st century by sending an online letter themselves from the FP stand.

FP businessmail - Innovative Solution for Commercial Users

Using our software FP businessmail, companies can now send documents at the push of a button to our server. From there, FP processes the mail at our printing center, including the complete handling of the physical mail. In the process, printing data is transferred from all the usual formats and sizes. The customer can also give specific instructions about how the mail should be processed, for example using own corporate paper or envelopes.

Modern and Economic Mail Processing

As Andreas Drechsler from the Management Board of the FP Group puts it, "The Internet and classic mail processes are joining forces. Today's letter now combines the efficiency of electronic solutions with the greater attention a printed document commands. The FP Group is a leader in this future market for online mail." Drechsler believes this is the message the Company is putting across at the CeBIT - how FP's state-of-the-art technology can process today's mail simply, and above all economically.

Alongside its online letter solutions, FP is also presenting its ranges of franking and inserting machines. Using these solutions, commercial users not only process their mail more quickly and efficiently, they gain from additional benefits. For example, FP franking systems enable users to print customised messages on their letters, ensuring greater attention for their commercial mail. At CeBIT, the FP Group presents its full range - from its entry-level machine mymail to its high-performance system centormail.