Birkenwerder, 2010-04-22

 With the introduction mailOne™ in the USA, FP Mailing Solutions, a subsidiary of the globally active FP Group, is offering a completely newly developed software platform for FP franking machines. mailOne™ provides easy support for franking machines such as ultimail or centormail. Among other things, mailOneTM offers additional functions such as special discounts for express and priority deliveries, shipment tracking and billing to various cost centres. The new software platform increases the ease of operation for existing users, facilitates the entry into automatic franking for new users and maximises the postage discount for the customer.

"mailOne™ is suited for jobs of any order of magnitude. In any case, companies receive significant discounts on the postal rates of the United States Postal Service with the use of electronic processing", according to Michael Doumas, CEO of FP USA. "With mailOne™, companies can automatically and immediately save costs".

The solution is an electronic mail advisor and automatically shows possible discounts with the United States Postal Services and helps in fulfilling all requirements for such a discount. The commercial postal discounts amount to up to 9.9 percent and 5 percent for express letters. Furthermore, with overnight delivery, companies receive a 5 percent discount with mailOne™ and delivery confirmation at no charge. In addition, cost savings with FedEx are also possible.

"This type of software is normally only affordable for companies that deal with a large amount of mail", says Kevin A. Pietras, Marketing Director at FP USA. "But for companies with low or medium amounts of mail, the costs for mailOne™ already pay for themselves after a few months".

The billing functions of mailOne™ provide new transparency to mail processing. Detailed information is automatically saved with respect to an unlimited number of transactions, cost centres and customers. Users can trace the expenditures for each department or customer, assign invoices or automatically add a processing fee. Detailed graphic or tabular reports show savings or performance potential. In addition, the numerical data can easily be exported to internal billing software.

With its American headquarters in Addison, Illinois, FP Mailing Solutions is a provider of postal solutions which fulfil all the needs of small, medium and large companies.