Birkenwerder, 2013-11-06

The Francotyp-Postalia Group, a multi-channel provider for mail communications, has acquired a further 24.5% of the shares in Mentana-Claimsoft GmbH. The acquisition had no impact on liquidity and was made as part of a mutual agreement. Approval for this agreement was granted by the Supervisory Board today. The stake will stand at 75.5%.

Mentana-Claimsoft, certified De-Mail provider since 2012, specialises in electronic signatures and offers a comprehensive product range for protecting electronic documents and legally binding communications. The company is also a licensed provider of electronic court communication (EGVP). In March 2011, the FP Group acquired 51% of the shares in Mentana-Claimsoft.

“The increase of our stake is another important milestone in the implementation of our strategy. We are the experts for physical and fully electronic mail communication. And the importance of fully electronic communication continues to grow,” explains Hans Szymanski, CEO and CFO of the FP Group.

The company is thus systematically continuing the strategic expansion of the electronic mail communications segment and strengthening its influence on the future development of this promising business segment for the FP Group. FP estimates the potential of the medium-term De-Mail market alone to exceed 500 million De-Mails per year. FP is aiming for a market share of around 10%.

“De-Mail will win through on the market in the next few years, and we are the frontrunners in this segment,” said Szymanski. Customer approach is focussed on businesses and public authorities. Here, FP defines the processes with the persons responsible and supports the implementation of the communication processes.

More and more companies and authorities are interested in De-Mail solutions. For example, Deutsche Rentenversicherung recently began offering its customers the option of securely transferring messages and documents in electronic form via De-Mail. The pension insurance institution is using the De-Mail gateway of Mentana-Claimsoft to do this.