Birkenwerder, 2011-03-03

The Francotyp-Postalia Group, a global service provider for professional mail management, is acquiring 51% of shares in Mentana-Claimsoft AG. A purchase agreement was signed today with two major shareholders of the unlisted company Mentana-Claimsoft.

This acquisition serves as the Group’s first foray into fully electronic mail communications. The Mentana-Claimsoft Group specialises in electronic signatures and offers a comprehensive product range for protecting electronic documents and legal communications. It is a member of the De-Mail project, a communication tool intended to facilitate the binding and confidential exchange of electronic documents by online mail via the Internet. Mentana-Claimsoft is also an authorised provider of electronic court communications (EGVP).

Strategic step

“With this strategic step, we are vigorously expanding our software solutions division,” explains Andreas Drechsler, who sits on the Management Board of the FP Group. Through the majority takeover of Mentana-Claimsoft, the company is becoming an expert in fully electronic mail communications.

“Our areas of expertise complement each other perfectly“, continues Drechsler. Francotyp-Postalia specialises in software solutions and is already successfully offering hybrid mail – a combination of electronic and physical post – in the area of digital mail communication. During this process, a letter is dispatched digitally by the sender while the recipient receives a normal letter. In future, the FP Group will be able to offer legally binding electronic letters, making it the first full-service provider for mail communications.

“We are pioneers in the field of digital signatures and see great opportunities for fully electronic letters”, says Axel Janhoff, member of the Management Board of Mentana-Claimsoft AG. The two companies are currently joining together at the Francotyp-Postalia stand at CeBIT 2011, presenting their range of services under the motto “Safe documents – safe transport”.