Birkenwerder, 2012-08-15

Mentana-Claimsoft GmbH, a subsidiary of the listed company Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG, has connected De-Mail to the EU-wide SPOCS communication platform as part of the large-scale pilot project SPOCS, which was launched by the European Commission. This will promote cross-border integration and technical cooperation between national, qualified electronic delivery services to support the establishment of a network for cross-border electronic data exchange. A total of 16 EU countries are participating in the SPOCS IT project with the aim of developing and piloting technical modules providing a range of secure, seamless and cross-border e-Government services for businesses.

De-Mail not an isolated solution

“The European Single Market requires simple solutions for exchanging information to enable businesses to operate flexibly and to use cross-border business opportunities. As part of SPOCS, we have integrated De-Mail as an additional delivery and receiving channel, thus enabling the secure transfer of information across national borders with De-Mail,” explains Andreas Drechsler of the Francotyp-Postalia Management Board. “In doing so, we are ensuring that our customers do not see De-Mail as an isolated German solution,” adds Drechsler not entirely unselfishly. Through its subsidiary Mentana-Claimsoft, FP is one of the three currently approved De-Mail providers. The SPOCS project, which is due to be completed at the end of 2012, will help establish an uncomplicated cross-border business environment offering streamlined bureaucracy for companies. The aim in particular is to enable administrative processes, approval procedures and business processes to be conducted using secure electronic channels. As part of the EU-funded project, FP subsidiary Mentana-Claimsoft has connected De-Mail to the SPOCS gateway.

Stable connection

“Over the last few weeks, we worked intensively to familiarise ourselves with the specifications for the connection to the SPOCS gateway. We have now documented an international perspective for De-Mail and have a functioning connection to show for it,” says Axel Janhoff, Managing Director of Mentana-Claimsoft GmbH and Francotyp-Postalia Vertrieb und Service GmbH. On the German side, the German Federal Office of Administration (BVA) took over responsibility for two subprojects within SPOCS. The SPOCS network was designed and implemented by bremen online services as part of the “Interoperability, secure electronic data exchange and eSafe” subproject, which was coordinated and supervised by the BVA. While an EGVP (Electronic Court and Administration Mailbox) gateway has been in operation since 2011, Mentana-Claimsoft has now linked De-Mail to the SPOCS infrastructure via an additional gateway. The pilot phase, in which Austria, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, and Portugal took part, was supervised in Germany by the Federal State of Bremen.


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The FP Group is the first multi-channel provider for mail communication. The globally active company offers the entire range of products and solutions for business and private customers. In addition to standard machines for franking and inserting mail, its offering includes services such as the collection of business mail and innovative software solutions such as the fully electronic letter. The FP Group, based in Birkenwerder near Berlin, can therefore provide tailored multi-channel solutions. The Group currently operates its own branches in a number of industrialised countries and holds a global market share in franking machines of around 10%. With a history dating back over 85 years, the FP Group today benefits across all markets from the increasing liberalisation of postal markets and the readiness of companies to outsource their business mail to professional service providers. In the 2011 financial year, the company generated revenue of EUR 159.4 million. The FP Group employs more than 1,000 people worldwide.