Birkenwerder, 2010-07-06

Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG ("FP"), a wordwide provider for mail management services, together with its subsidiary iab – internet access GmbH ("iab") - has gained one the leading Email providers, WEB.DE as a partner for its online mail service. As part of the cooperation agreement, in future iab will be offering users of the WEB.DE Internet portal its hybrid mail solution FP webbrief, an own development. As a result, WEB.DE users will be able to log on to the FP webbrief online service directly via their email mailbox. At the click of a mouse, the user can send documents directly to the FP iab print center. Here the letter is further processed. This includes print out, franking, inserting and transfer to a delivery agent, at the same time ensuring optimized franking charges. WEB.DE will be offering its customers the full service from FP from 54 eurocents per letter (including VAT).

Modern, cheap mail processing

"The Internet and classical mail are fusing and the FP Group is at the forefront of developments in this growth market. We are pleased to have gained WEB.DE as a partner for our cheap online services with their high future potential. 1&1's decision documents our lead in this field," said Andreas Drechsler, member of the Management Board of the FP Group.

"FP webbrief is an integral part of our De-Mail strategy," said Jan Oetjen, General Manager of WEB.DE. "With the online letter, we are expanding our offer and now provide users with a communication platform tailored to individual needs," continued Oetjen. 1&1 intends to provide full coverage in the market for online mail.

FP webbrief enables users to send letters simply online via their web browser. As the letter is sent digitally, the customer does not have the cost of paper, envelope or printer, labour costs or the cost of travel to the post office or letterbox. At the same time, hybrid mail is environmentally friendly. Electronic transfer cuts down the transport logistics from sender to recipient. Francotyp-Postalia is offering this service from just one letter onwards without any additional charges in advance.