FP creates 80 jobs in Hennigsdorf near Berlin

FP (Francotyp-Postalia), expert in secure digital communication, opens its European service centre in Hennigsdorf near Berlin. By April, the specially founded company FP Shared Services Europe GmbH will initially have 27 employees, while in the long term more than 80 jobs are planned there. 

Berlin, 29/01/2020 – In the new Shared Service Centre (SSC), fundamental tasks of the Group will be centrally controlled across Europe. FP has thus reached a further milestone in the implementation of JUMP, its internal programme of transformation, which the traditional company has adopted in order to achieve cost savings and set itself up efficiently for the future.

Optimising processes – Improving quality

German FP companies and subsidiaries from other European countries will progressively increase the scope within which they utilise the services of the SSC in future. The multilingual employees there thus perform centrally important tasks such as customer service by telephone and via email, optimising administration processes such as order processing and accounting, and thus increasing service quality.

Faster than the competition

“Complex bureaucratic processes don’t suit us,” says Rüdiger Andreas Günther, CEO of the FP Group. “We want to be significantly faster than the competition. This is why we are reorganising ourselves: the SSC allows us to eliminate redundancies and inefficient structures that had developed over time. We are thus proceeding as planned with the implementation of our internal transformation project ‘JUMP’, within the framework of the ACT Strategy. In the first nine months of 2019, recurring savings were already achieved totalling 1.5 million euros.”

Convincing customers with efficient standards

“We are creating jobs in Brandenburg and structuring our processes effectively under harmonised quality standards for the entire European business of FP, in the interests of our internal and external customers,” says Dr Jens Winkler, CEO of the newly founded company FP Shared Services Europe GmbH.

Politicians see innovation as a driving force for the region

“The regional administration welcomes the establishment of future-oriented companies in our region,” enthuses Ludger Weskamp, County Commissioner for the Regional District of Oberhavel. “Innovation is a driving force for Oberhavel. I therefore hope that FP Shared Services Europe GmbH can establish itself at the Hennigsdorf location in the long term. With a well-trained workforce, a modern technological location and good infrastructure, Oberhavel offers excellent conditions for this.”

Worldwide, 1,030 employees work for FP; in the fiscal year 2018, they generated revenue in excess of 200 million euros. In the first nine months of 2019, revenue came to 152.4 million euros.

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About Francotyp-Postalia (FP)

The international, listed FP Group with headquarters in Berlin, Germany, is an expert in secure mailing business and secure digital communication processes (FP = “secure digital communication”). As market leader in Germany and Austria, the FP Group offers digital solutions for companies and authorities as well as products and services for efficient mail processing and the consolidation of business mail in the “Software/Digital”, “Franking and Inserting” and “Mail Services” segments. The Group generated revenue of more than EUR 200 million in 2018. FP has subsidiaries based in ten different countries and is represented by its own trading network in an additional 40 countries. With a company history spanning more than 97 years, FP possesses a unique DNA in the areas of actuating elements, sensor systems, cryptography and connectivity. FP has a twelve percent share in the global market for franking systems. In the digital sector, it offers unique, highly secure solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT) and for signing documents digitally.

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