Birkenwerder, 2012-03-06

De-Mail has been given the go-ahead: Mentana-Claimsoft GmbH, a subsidiary of listed company Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG (FP), today became the first accredited De-Mail provider. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) presented the accreditation certificate to Mentana-Claimsoft Managing Director Axel Janhoff. The FP subsidiary also gave a public presentation of its business model. “Initially, we are making the distinction between our De-Mail portal, which is geared towards private customers and small businesses, and our De-Mail gateway for companies and authorities”, explains Axel Janhoff.

The following applies both to companies and authorities and to private individuals and small business owners: the cost of sending a De-Mail depends on the amount of data sent and starts at 28 cents (not including VAT). This is the cost of sending a “mini De-Mail” of up to 50 KB. A standard De-Mail, for which users can send De-Mails of up to 1 MB, costs 33 cents (not including VAT) – which is considerably cheaper than sending a normal standard letter by post. A number of extra options are also available at a surcharge, including confirmation of delivery or receipt.

De-Mail gateway for companies and authorities

Mentana-Claimsoft can implement a De-Mail gateway for companies and authorities. This is integrated as a software element in the customer’s existing IT infrastructure, and custom adaptations are also possible. The cost of using the De-Mail gateway depends on the number of internal users the customer requires. Depending on the term of the agreement, other services are also provided and additional options can be requested.

For integration of up to 10 users, for example, the gateway costs €99 (net) a month. “The gateway will pay for itself if every user sends less than 10 De-Mails a month”, Mr Janhoff goes on to say. De-Mail addresses for companies and authorities are based on the following format: joe.bloggs@any

De-Mail portal for private customers and small businesses

The De-Mail portal is a web-based solution that is geared towards private individuals and small business owners: customers simply have to be identified when registering for the first time at, and they will then receive their own De-Mail address and can send De-Mails straight away. The identification process costs just €9.90, or users can identify themselves free of charge using the new ID card. The De-Mail addresses end in “…” or “…(at)”.

Outlook: “10% of the relevant mail potential”

With the new De-Mail communication technology, users can send sensitive documents in digital form in a safe, confidential and legally binding manner. These documents include personal data, offers, confirmations of orders, notifications, reminders and registered post with advice of receipt. “We are relying on the assumption that in three to five years, 10% of the relevant mail potential will be sent by De-Mail”, explains Andreas Drechsler, member of the Management Board of Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG. “This equates to around 540 million mails.” In the medium term, Mr Drechsler is aiming to obtain 10% of the De-Mail market.

De-Mail is a digital letter: it is binding in that both the sender and recipient must be securely identified when registering for the first time, before they are able to use the technology. Confidentiality is guaranteed with especially strong encryption. The De-Mail Act, which came into force in May 2011, defines the security requirements and provides the legal basis so that De-Mail has the same legal effect as conventional mail.