ACT stands for Attack, Customer, Transformation. As a global service provider and experts for postal communication, the FP Group is pursuing the following three-pronged growth strategy:

  • Created with Sketch. ATTACK IN CORE BUSINESS: Expansion of the customer basis and increase of the market share in the core business
  • Created with Sketch. ACCOMPANY THE CUSTOMER: Develop new solutions and services for existing and new customers
  • Created with Sketch. TRANSFORM FP INTO AN ENLARGED BUSINESS: Development of  innovative products and strategic options on the basis of our DNA

Digitalisation doesn’t change the market overnight.
Potential for growth and transformation.

The multitude of possibilities for communication is leading to insecurity (liabilty, trust, security). The customer veers towards established communication methods, 81 % of companies continue to use the classical letter, e-mail tends to be used for simple correspondence.

With our ACT strategy, we are accompanying our customers in the digital transformation and generating additional sales growth.

Attack at the right time and FP will grow significantly in its core business:

Currently, FP optimally covers the customers’ needs with its product portfolio of innovative systems. Further growth in the postage business is available in the volume-specific segment shifts in the market. With a targeted market-development strategy there are good business opportunities for FP, for instance in new sales methods or expanding the sales channels. We are also reinforcing the FP market position with new postage systems, package-shipping solutions and services. As a competent financing partner for solutions and consulting with FP Finance, we also offer our customers interesting and efficient financing services from determining liquidity advantages to individual contracts. Last but not least, the new FP customer portal provides access to FP’s digital world. This platform for additional products and services allows direct access and simple administration of business communication.


Accompany the Customer

FP puts the customer in the middle of the action. The expansion of FP’s range of services along the customer journey is occurring through the development of new solutions and services for existing and new customers. This digital transformation will not, however, take place overnight. We have determined that change and the use of digital products/services is sporadic. For confidential and important communication, many customers continue to use the established forms of communication (letters, fax). Nevertheless, there is a growing need for digital alternatives; this is accompanied by uncertainties with regard to the confidentiality, security and reliability of digital solutions. FP is taking this opportunity to actively accompany its customers in every step of this process. Starting with the handling of letters and packages within the mailroom, to the optimisation of document-based processes and digitalization and handling of incoming mail to the production and processing of the outgoing mail to digital documents and transaction management. We offer consulting and outbound services for the entire chain of analogue and digital communication.

FP is also the professional one-stop partner in the field of business process outsourcing. We standardize and produce modules for existing and future solutions, expand our consulting and solution competence, increase IT and project management capabilities and internationalise business process outsourcing services (BPO). At the same time, we use internal synergy effects to reinforce the market position.

This includes, for instance, the expansion of the sorting centers nationwide to digitalisation hubs in the field of incoming mail and the intelligent combination of logistics and IT services.

Transform FP into an enlarged business

According to market analyses (Aragon Research), the market volume of digital transaction management is about 5 billion USD, with 43% growth p.a. in the next five years. FP is using this market and its volume to develop new, innovative products and strategic options. 

The transformation has an internal and external dimension for us: INTERN means applying agile innovation methods for strategic positioning and adaptation of the core business along the changing customer needs. EXTERN means the exploration and testing of future markets, products and business models on the basis of our DNA (cryptography, sensorics, actorics, connectivity).

We make it possible for our customers to obtain an efficient and secure handling of digital transactions that conforms to the regulations and avoids media disruptions while providing complete control of the transaction.

With our platform-based cloud solution “FP SIGN”, we also take into account the special requirements of German and European customers with regard to security and legal conformity.


Basis for ACT - our culture of innovation: Francotyp-Postalia has been reinventing itself for almost 100 years now. This will continue to be the case in the future, because we are once again on the edge of a new age; the fourth industrial revolution and the associated digitalisation is changing the basic processes and structures in companies. What began with e-commerce and downloads in the media is now impacting every sector and doing so around the globe. 

FP is going to actively shape this profound change and therefore stop new players from taking over our traditional markets. Beyond that, we are going to reconquer markets and conquer new markets. We already have innovative products and solutions for the digital age. We aid in handling incoming and outgoing mail digitally as well as classifying and archiving these documents. At the same time, we are absolutely convinced that our traditional business retains great potential in the digital age. For that reason we are expanding our range of services in postaging. Is that enough? No! Because we want to be much better. The prerequisite, driving force and basis for this is our operational excellence. And the optimization and reorientation of every process in the areas of sales, personnel, IT and finances to the customer needs, quality and efficiency.

The future is obviously also digital in our business. That sounds simple, but proves itself to be the exact opposite in practice. Especially in Germany, many companies and authorities find it difficult to consistently digitalize their business processes by themselves. This provides an opportunity for the FP Group. For that reason, we are expanding our consulting business and smoothing the way for companies and authorities into the digital age. We are already covering a wide range of services for initial customers - from the digitalization of incoming mail to its archiving to the complete digital consignment or the preparation of digital data for classical business letters. We have already made investments in this area and we are convinced that the traditional business is anything but old - it is the new business. And the new business will grow on the basis of the traditional business. Sustainably and profitably.