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Digital transformation requires companies to rethink their communication. Trends such as digitalisation and the automation of processes have been accelerated by Covid-19. What’s more, distributed working and working from home have become an integral part of everyday life. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important to handle all incoming and outgoing business processes in companies in the most cost-efficient and automated way. Where the work is carried out and the nature of the processes shouldn’t really make a difference. FP is already supporting customer digital transformation with a wide range of solutions, such as FP Sign, De-Mail, incoming mail digitisation, hybrid mail and business process outsourcing.

A reliable partner for the digitalisation of your communication processes

Francotyp-Postalia aims to steer customers through their digital transformation, offering tailored services to optimise entire communication processes and sub-processes.

All organisation workflow systems are individually refined. Proven technologies, such as the high-speed scanning of physical documents, are paired up with the latest communication technologies, such as portal solutions, messenger or social media.

Our consulting services deliver a bonus outcome: during the project, we often discover solutions that clients didn’t even know were possible or affordable beforehand. 

  • Created with Sketch. Reduce costs and increase scalability of services by moving from paper-based to digital services .
  • Created with Sketch. Further enhance efficiency and margins by improving existing digital workflows.
  • Created with Sketch. Discover new possibilities for your business and allow us to develop the right solution mix for you.
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For small and medium-sized businesses or those working from home, we also offer our solutions in a standardised format with "FP Digital Office".

Digital Solutions

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