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We at FP make your life easier with our innovative and efficient products and services, giving you more time and thus more     pleasure in your everyday work.

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Mail Services: new secure solutions for analogue and digital communication

Communicate faster and more efficiently than others - and still be on the safe side. It doesn't matter whether you still use the established postal service for your business communication or want to transform your company digitally. With German Mailgeneering, Francotyp-Postalia (FP) offers you maximum security for your mail services.

We at FP make your life easier with our innovative products and services, giving you time and enjoyment in your everyday life. FP services range from the automation of mail communication and secure web communication to the Internet of Things (IoT) for industry. Whether physical or digital: whatever you communicate about, we have the right products and mail services to meet your needs!

IoT Solutions

Retrofit Reliable Security End-to-End

German Mailgeneering: highest security at FP Services for the protection of your data

Regardless of the channels through which business communication takes place, security is the buzzword for communication in the 21st century: Be it to comply with data protection regulations, to protect your sensitive data from cyber attack or to make digital documents legally valid: FP's Mail Services will make your business future-proof and lead you into a promising future.

From the franking machine to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): FP's Mail Services cover the entire spectrum of old and new communication processes. Our innovative products and services take care of your data with special protection. Because FP stands for quality "Made in Germany" and security in communication for almost 100 years. Our security modules have never been hacked in all this time.

German engineering, continuous inventive talent and the constant will to transform will keep our mail services secure in the future. German Mailgeneering brings yesterday into today and guides you into tomorrow with intelligent products and services.

FP Services is divided into the following areas:

  • secure mail business and
  • secure digital communication processes.

Would you like to automate your mail dispatch or be supported by outsourcing services related to letters? Then bring FP's services and products in the secure mail business up to date with the latest technology!

Do you want to take advantage of the benefits of modern communication media and know that your information is in good hands thanks to the highest security standards? Have contracts signed digitally, offer the option of submitting forms and certificates via the web in a legally secure way? From De-Mail, to completely electronic online letter dispatch, to innovative signature solutions: FP Services in the field of digital communication make your business interactions more effective and network and even control industrial systems in IoT.

Digital solutions

Modernise mail dispatch: secure mail business

Even if everything around him becomes electronic and digital, the letter is still an integral part of the business context. But the digital transformation does not stop at letters - FP's Mail Services are paving the way for companies to enter the new age with state-of-the-art technology. E-commerce in particular is increasing the importance of established mail delivery - but new solutions and services are needed!

Thanks to FP products and services, you can bring your company's mail processing up to the latest technical standards. Inserting and franking letters by hand, which is time-consuming and nerve-wracking, is no longer up-to-date and necessary. Since 1923, our franking machines have been speeding up mail dispatch all over the world and are always one step ahead of technical progress thanks to clever solutions and unique service. And that's how the first FP franking machine became PostBase, a modular system for maximum efficiency and security. Support is available around the clock via our web portal discoverFP.

As the market leader in Germany, Austria and Italy, and as the world's number 3, we can help your conventional mail business move forward. Our high-performance devices automate inserting and franking. Our inserting and franking machines handle your company's mail faster and more efficiently than any employee can. Your letters reach their recipients faster and your company benefits from cost savings.

Optimisation through outsourcing: FP Services for more efficient mail processing

The daily mail processing costs your employees too much time? Do you want to move away from paper-based processes to a digital office in your company? Then our mail services and other FP services are the right choice for you!

Automated mail services accelerate your work processes and quickly prove to be a competitive advantage in the information age. You leave your mail to us and save time and money!

Because our mail services also include the consolidation of your business mail, which saves you postage. As part of FP Services, we offer you many other services for efficient mail processing.

Even the complete processing of incoming mail - via both analogue and digital channels such as e-mails and online forms - can be entrusted to us by companies, public authorities and public institutions. The reliable FP Services automate your mailroom and transform business processes so that you have access to important information faster in the future.

The FP Services also make paperless office possible. Because we make analogue digital and vice versa, if you decide to outsource the printing of your letter post as one of our Mail Services.

FP Services for secure mail business at a glance

  • Mail collection
  • Franking
  • Consolidation
  • Sorting
  • Delivery
  • Mailbox service
  • Incoming mail processing by FP Inbound
  • Print retrieval with FP Outbound

We would be happy to support you in your mail business with our high-performance products and services and to submit an individual, tailor-made offer for FP services.

Franking & Inserting

From small franking solutions to machines for high mail volumes. We have the right solution for you!

Exploiting new opportunities through new mail services for digital communication

You can communicate via e-mail particularly easily and quickly, but not necessarily securely. Cyber attacks pose a serious threat in the field of business communication. The risks range from data theft to manipulation. Digital communication processes promise companies and other institutions enormous potential for optimisation: streamlining processes, shortening runtimes and thus reducing costs in the long term by spending less time and resources.

Only sophisticated mail services provide your digital communication with the necessary security and allow the automation of your business processes. German Mailgeneering from FP will prepare you for the future with clever solutions and services!

Communicate legally compliant on the Web - mail services from FP make it possible

Particularly high security requirements apply to the sending of sensitive content via the Internet in order to protect the data from access by third parties. From certified De-Mail to digital signatures FP Sign: FP Services ensures the highest level of security through complex encryption and has the necessary accreditation from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). So your documents and data are optimally protected.

Approve offers and sign contracts - no matter when or where: modern mail services such as our digital signature from the cloud, FP Sign, make digital communication processes legally compliant and open up completely new possibilities for companies, authorities and public institutions to design their workflows.

Networking and controlling industrial plants in IoT - FP Services for Industry 4.0

IoT offers a wide range of opportunities for industry. Monitoring and controlling industrial plants remotely or developing new potential through self-control. FP Services provides the necessary know-how and technology. Clever IoT solutions for industry are also part of our Mail Services. How to use the fourth industrial industry to your advantage!

Outsourcing & Services

From small franking solutions to machines for high mail volumes. We have the right solution for you! 

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Your benefits through mail services from the experts for secure communication

For almost 100 years, FP's core competencies have been in secure communication. With technological progress and changing customer requirements, FP services and solutions have also changed. The high security standards we demand of our FP Services have remained the same. So that you become more efficient and meet new requirements with new solutions - analogue and digital!

You're an expert in your industry, we at FP are experts when it comes to mail services. Our products and services give you the time to concentrate on your core competencies again. And you can communicate in any way you want. FP Services give you the security you need and support you with their expertise in the digital transformation of your business processes.

FP Services stands for

  • Quality "Made in Germany
  • constant innovations
  • highest security across all channels
  • uncomplicated use
  • excellent support
  • fair financing solutions
  • individual, tailor-made offers for companies of all sizes