Birkenwerder, 2012-12-17

Francotyp-Postalia Vertrieb und Service GmbH, subsidiary of Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG, has announced the sale of 2000 systems of its new franking machine generation PostBase in Germany. The franking system was first presented at CeBIT 2012 and is marketed in direct sales or via commercial partners. Three models with different speeds are provided on a platform basis.

“Against the background of a difficult market environment, we’re really pleased about the large number of orders in the first year. PostBase is impressing customers, and word is getting around,” declares Managing Director Thomas Reinking. He also refers to the high percentage of new customers, which is more than expected and a clear indication of a successful product launch. The concept behind PostBase was developed over three years based on extensive customer surveys. The system is now being manufactured in the new production facility in the Brandenburg town of Wittenberge, from where it will be delivered throughout the world.

PostBase has received multiple awards, among them the coveted reddot design award. Customers can order it in several colours to match their office environment. But it is the new and innovative operating concept of PostBase that really stands out. There is only one button for switching on, the user then operating the system easily and intuitively via a 4.3-inch touchscreen. The screen can be swivelled so that it is ideally suited to the operator’s angle of vision. It is no problem to choose the correct postage value or sender address blocks or to invoice to a selectable cost centre. All these tasks can also be controlled via a connected PC program, FP Navigator. This makes your work even easier and more convenient.

FP Navigator bridges the gap to FP Portal on the Internet. Users can access further offers of the FP group. You can commission the collection and postage-saving consolidation of the franked letters at the click of a mouse button. Letters and mailings can also be sent via the Internet, and customers of FP have access to the fully electronic and legally-binding sending of messages via De-Mail. “We market PostBase as a complete solution for modern mail communication. This is because both conventional letters and electronic solutions have their buyers in the postal market,” concludes Andreas Drechsler, Chairman of Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG.