New partnership between FP and Swisscom Trust Services: More flexibility for electronic signatures

Thanks to the cooperation between Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG (FP) and Swisscom Trust Services, the identification of electronic signatures will be even easier in future.  

Berlin, 20. Feb 2020 - Signing contracts, invoices and other documents online and exchanging them via mobile devices offers companies many advantages, such as saving time and money or by simplifying processes. With the help of digital signature solutions, such as the cloud-based platform FP Sign, not only can this be done quickly and easily but the electronic signature is also legally valid and binding. The partnership between FP, an expert in secure communication, and Swisscom Trust Services and the combination of the Swisscom RA app with the FP Sign signature solution will give companies even more flexibility in the future.

Identification made easy

Before users can use a signature solution to electronically sign a document with a qualified signature, they must first be identified. This is done via a certification body such as a Trust Center and is possible, for example, via VideoIdent procedures. The RA app from Swisscom Trust Services makes it even more flexible. Employees of companies can use this solution to quickly and easily independently carry out the identification process with business partners, customers or colleagues.

To do this, the company concludes an RA delegation agreement with Swisscom Trust Services. One of the employees then undergoes online training to be able to identify the users. This so-called RA Master Agent also assumes responsibility for ensuring that the identification processes in their company are performed correctly. They are also able to enable other employees to independently perform the identification of digital signatures as RA agents, for example, when they meet with a business partner on site. This means that nothing stands in the way of digitally signing contracts and other documents with FP Sign.

"Thanks to the cooperation with Swisscom Trust Services, we can now offer our customers a wider range of identification procedures and thus more flexibility in using remote signature. With this partnership, FP and Swisscom are also joining forces. This will enable both companies to strengthen their position in the market," says Stephan Vanberg, CEO of FP Mentana Claimsoft and Global Head of FP Sign Projects.

Accelerated workflow thanks to FP Sign

The cloud-based platform FP Sign offers companies many advantages. Among other things, it enables a signature process with several participants in any order. If several business partners have to sign a document one after the other in a defined sequence, the workflow stops if one of the signatories is sick or on holiday. With FP Sign, however, all recipients can sign the document simultaneously. This increases the speed at which contracts are concluded.

With FP Sign, companies can sign documents via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, at any time and any place, throughout the EU and in Switzerland. This is because FP Sign is not only legally compliant with the eIDAS Signature Ordinance, but also meets the requirements of the Swiss ZertES Digital Signature Act by connecting with the Signing Services of Swisscom Trust Services.

"With FP, we have gained a partner that has many years of experience in the field of secure communication, but at the same time is very close to our customers' business processes," explains Mario Voge, Lead Strategic Growth Manager (Europe) at Swisscom Trust Services.

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Swisscom Trust Services is the only European provider to provide a qualified electronic signature in the legal areas of the EU (eIDAS Signature Ordinance) and Switzerland (ZertES Digital Signature Act). As the leading provider of trust services in Europe, Swisscom Trust Services enables its partners to drive pan-European digital innovation within the Transactional Economy by providing identity-based services that can run completely digitally without media discontinuity. The signature service allows partners an uncomplicated extension of their own business solutions with an electronic expression of intent, while taking into account industry-specific requirements and compliance regulations. This gives end customers a variety of legally compliant and digital options that previously had to be done on paper, such as signing contracts, buying insurance, signing an employment contract, applying for a credit card or viewing acceptance reports.

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