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Retrofit Reliable Security End-to-End

German Mailgeneering: highest security at FP Services for the protection of your data

Regardless of the channels through which business communication takes place, security is the buzzword for communication in the 21st century: Be it to comply with data protection regulations, to protect your sensitive data from cyber attack or to make digital documents legally valid: FP's Mail Services will make your business future-proof and lead you into a promising future.

From the franking machine to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): FP's Mail Services cover the entire spectrum of old and new communication processes. Our innovative products and services take care of your data with special protection. Because FP stands for quality "Made in Germany" and security in communication for almost 100 years. Our security modules have never been hacked in all this time.

German engineering, continuous inventive talent and the constant will to transform will keep our mail services secure in the future. German Mailgeneering brings yesterday into today and guides you into tomorrow with intelligent products and services.

FP Services is divided into the following areas:

  • secure mail business and
  • secure digital communication processes.

Would you like to automate your mail dispatch or be supported by outsourcing services related to letters? Then bring FP's services and products in the secure mail business up to date with the latest technology!

Do you want to take advantage of the benefits of modern communication media and know that your information is in good hands thanks to the highest security standards? Have contracts signed digitally, offer the option of submitting forms and certificates via the web in a legally secure way? From De-Mail, to completely electronic online letter dispatch, to innovative signature solutions: FP Services in the field of digital communication make your business interactions more effective and network and even control industrial systems in IoT.