Hannover/Ratingen/Birkenwerder, 2012-07-10

With TNT Post and Mentana-Claimsoft two leading companies and de-mail

pioneers are combining their strengths. The leader in the alternative delivery

of letters on the German postal market and the subsidiary of the listed

Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG (FP) will now be working together in the area

of de-mail. The agreement that has just been reached relates to what are known

as Ident services. TNT Post will be supporting the customers of

Mentana-Claimsoft in this area.

De-mail, the electronic alternative to paper-based letters, makes it

possible to send and receive documents and messages through the Internet in

a way that ensures confidentiality and is secure, encrypted and verifiable.

Basically it works in the same way as a conventional e-mail, but with the

added feature of unequivocal identification of sender and recipient.

To use the service, de-mail users must first prove their identity by

presenting a form of identification to obtain their personal de-mail

account. Thanks to this reliable form of registration both recipient and

sender are clearly identifiable for de-mail; the digital post has legally

binding force and is, for example, suitable for correspondence with public


Mentana-Claimsoft was one of the first de-mail service providers to be

given a licence by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) at

Cebit 2012 in Hanover. With the de-mail portal for private customers and

SMEs and the de-mail gateway for larger companies and public authorities,

FP subsidiary Mentana-Claimsoft has a comprehensive range of services for

every type of sender.

'Now that identification procedure has been defined an important step

towards introducing de-mail Germany-wide has been taken', says Andreas

Drechsler, the managing director of Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG.

'Cooperation with TNT Post will provide us with a full network for the

identification procedure throughout Germany.' Michael Mews, the managing

director of TNT Post GmbH&Co. KG, also sees this cooperation bringing his

company a strategic advantage: 'Our expertise, efficiency and flexibility

convinced Mentana-Claimsoft to entrust us with the sensitive remit of Ident

services. For TNT Post the collaboration is a further important step

towards establishing itself in the digital communications market of the

future. After all, de-mail is creating a new communications channel that

will change and expand the communications market in the years to come.'

According to estimates, de-mail can basically be used for one third of the

17 billion letters sent each year. It is expected that ten per cent of them

will be sent by de-mail within the next three to five years. TNT Post and

Francotyp-Postalia have joined forces to take advantage of this market


TNT Post Deutschland

The TNT Post group has four lines of business in the German letter market

and provides extensive letter delivery services for corporate customers and

customer sending advertising and flyers. Hanover-based TNT Post GmbH&Co.

KG manages dispatch of mailings - mainly produced industrially - for bulk

customers throughout Germany. TNT Post Regioservice specialises in

providing direct letter services for public authorities and mid-tier

companies ranging from collection to delivery. Berlin-based PostCon has its

own consolidation business, collects letters from bulk customers, sorts

them and feeds them into the networks of other letter delivery services. As

a partner of the mail alliance and a shareholder in nearly 20 joint

ventures, TNT Post is also actively involved in linking of and cooperation

between regional letter service networks in order to establish an

independent network of alternative letter service providers Germany-wide.

TNT Post has around 2,700 employees across Germany.

TNT Post Deutschland is part of the PostNL group based in The Hague in the

Netherlands. PostNL delivers 8.7 billion addressed postal items (including

106 million parcels) to the Benelux countries, Germany, the UK and Italy

annually. The core business of PostNL focuses on collection, sorting and

delivery of letters and parcels. The company also provides services in the

areas of data and document management, direct mail and fulfilment. PostNL

has around 65.000 employees. The sales revenue of the group was around

EUR4.3 billion in 2011. For more information on Post NL go to

About the FP group of companies

Francotyp-Postalia is the first all-round service provider in the area of

letters. The Birkenwerder-based company, which operates internationally,

offers a full range of products and services for both paper-based and

electronic letters. Apart from franking and enveloping machines, services

in the area of paper-based letters also include collecting post from

business customers directly. When it is a question of electronic letters,

FP provides innovative outsourcing solutions ranging from optimising

internal processes in written communication, e.g. in the case of billing or

reminder procedures or the legally binding, fully electronic letter, namely

de-mail. This means that FP customers can deploy a bespoke multi-channel

solution in their day-to-day office procedures.

Today Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG has its own offices in many

industrialised countries and has a share of the international franking

machine market of around 10 per cent. The FP group of companies, which has

a history reaching back 85 years, today profits from the increasing

liberalisation of the postal services markets and business willingness to

outsource outgoing post to professional service providers. The company had

sales revenues of EUR159.4 million in the 2011 financial year. The FP group

of companies has over 1,000 employees worldwide.


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