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Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG Share

Key data on the Francotyp share

Number of shares: 16.16 Mio. Stück
Type of share: Bearer share
Capital stock: €16.16 million
Voting rights: Every share has one vote

ISIN (International Security Identification Number): DE000FPH9000
Stock exchange code: FPH
Trading segment: Oficial market (Prime Standard)
Stock exchange: Xetra and regional German exchanges

Designated Sponsor: Close Brother Seydler

First trading day: 30. 11. 2006

Shareholder Structure

Francotyp-Postalia has a broad shareholder structure. Of a total of 16.16 million shares listed in Prime Standard on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, 1.0% are held by the company itself. With 10.3% of the voting rights 3R Investment is the main shareholder follow by INKA GmbH with 10.2% and Quaero Capital (before known as Argos Capital Management) with 5.2% of the voting rights.

Free Float of 73.3 percent


  3.59% Saltarax GmbH, Germany
  3.51% Ludic GmbH, Germany
  3.07% Alceda Fund Management SA, Luxembourg, Luxembourg 1)
3.03% Rudolf Heil, Germany

1) The mentioned voting rights a based on a total of 14,700,000 voting rights. Since March 28, 2012 the total of voting rights are 16,160,000.

Completion of share buy-back programme

During the first half of 2008, Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG completed its share buy-back programme startet in November 2007. In the course of the last financial year, the company acquired 256,312 own shares, corresponding to 1.74% of capital stock. The acquisition of own shares was transacted at an average price of €4.71. The total volume transacted came to around €1.2 million.

In total, the share buy-back programme led to 370,444 own shares being purchased via the stock exchange. That correspondes to 2.5% of capital stock.