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Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG Share

Key data on the Francotyp share

Number of shares: 16.16 Mio. Stück
Type of share: Bearer share
Capital stock: €16.16 million
Voting rights: Every share has one vote

ISIN (International Security Identification Number): DE000FPH9000
Stock exchange code: FPH
Trading segment: Oficial market (Prime Standard)
Stock exchange: Xetra and regional German exchanges

Designated Sponsor: Close Brother Seydler

First trading day: 30. 11. 2006

Shareholder Structure

Francotyp-Postalia has a broad shareholder structure. Of a total of 16.16 million shares listed in Prime Standard on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, 2.29% are held by the company itself. With 10.3% of the voting rights 3R Investment is the main shareholder. 5.2% are held by ARGOS Funds SICAV, Luxembourg. 3.51% are held by Ludic GmbH and 3.03% are held by Rudof Heil, both private investors based in Germany.

The shares held by the company itself (370,444 shares) will be used to exercise the stock options issued to executives in accordance with the resolution of the Annual General Meeting.

Free Float of 87.4 percent


5.2% Argos Funds SICAV, Luxembourg
3.59% Saltarax GmbH, Germany
3.51% Ludic GmbH, Germany
3.07% Alceda Fund Management SA, Luxembourg, Luxembourg 1)
3.03% Rudolf Heil, Germany
3.02% Scherzer & Co. AG, Germany
3.01% HANSAINVEST Hanseatische-Investment GmbH, Germany
3.01% INKA mbH, Germany

1) The mentioned voting rights a based on a total of 14,700,000 voting rights. Since March 28, 2012 the total of voting rights are 16,160,000.

Completion of share buy-back programme

During the first half of 2008, Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG completed its share buy-back programme startet in November 2007. In the course of the last financial year, the company acquired 256,312 own shares, corresponding to 1.74% of capital stock. The acquisition of own shares was transacted at an average price of €4.71. The total volume transacted came to around €1.2 million.

In total, the share buy-back programme led to 370,444 own shares being purchased via the stock exchange. That correspondes to 2.5% of capital stock.